Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Heading Home, Part II. 4/16/14

So today I found myself making the trek from Zephyrhills Florida home to New York for the second time in 3 weeks.  This time driving my Mom (and her car!) back.  The good news is she had a recheck on her broken wrist yesterday and it was healed enough to take off the fixator
 That's the 'before' and here is the 'after'

Just a Velcro brace! 

We were packed up and ready to leave around 1:00, which is actually a day earlier than I thought so that's great. Traffic was light on 301 and we managed to go 300 miles before we stopped in Statesville Georgia around 8.  We got a room at a brand new Hampton Inn and it's really nice. 
 It has a keyless tap and go entry which is super handy when you're loaded down with luggage like a pack mule.  We went next door to the Mellow Mushroom for dinner, a place I've never been but now love.  We started with the signature soup
 Which we were leery of at first but loved at first spoonful. We also shared a small pizza and each had an awesome beer, Terrapin Tree Hugger.  It was the special today and we got to keep the glass.  Yay for free swag! 
  After a quick call to the husband, I'm doing a blog post and Mom is reading the paper.  Maybe we'll make 400 miles tomorrow? I want to get home to this sweet face

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