Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Long Day of Driving

We had a quick breakfast at the hotel this morning and then took off. By the time we got fuel it was almost 11.  Back on Route 301 which I really love but it makes me sad too.  This was "the" way South years ago, before the 95 opened.  Now it is full of once-beautiful examples of mid-century architecture.  Deserted and abandoned motels, diners, and gas stations, once thriving and now run down

From 301 we got on 321 and took that to 77 I think?  We got stuck in a horrible traffic jam in Charlotte. It looked exactly like this

Two hours and only 20 miles later we finally emerged from the snarl.  Almost 500 miles today and we ended up in Lexington Virginia, after being on 81.  This is our gorgeous Hampton

The front part is a bed and breakfast and there are regular rooms around the side and back. We were too tired to eat and just snacked in the room.
Home by tomorrow night! 

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