Friday, March 1, 2013

Foreigner and Strawberries 2.28.2013

One of my favorite things about this RV is this cabinet.

I call it my breakfast cabinet.

Open Sesame

Almost there...

It holds my Keurig


And toaster.

And it's always plugged in.

Makes that first very necessary cup of coffee super simple. And hides all those small appliances. I hate clutter so it's really perfect for me.

The Florida Strawberry Festival started today, and today's free entertainment was Foreigner! Nice. We got advanced sale tickets yesterday at Sweetbay and they were $8 so I guess the concert isn't really free but whatever

After being disappointed by both the Florida State Fair and the Pasco County Fair, we felt like this was what we had been looking for.  Rides, food, vendors, exhibits, livestock, and of course everything strawberry!  I tried to get some photos of the midway but it was just too big.
 Elsie the cow was there!!   I was confused because she had horns which I didn't know the girls had.  Huh.  I asked her if she personally produces ALL that Bordon cheese and she said Moo which I think meant yes.  She was very soft and shiny.
 Then I saw the Strawberry Guy getting dressed up.  I was shocked because I thought he was a real strawberry.  First no Santa, now this.  Sads.

 Here he is, riding the merry go round and daring to wave at me. Faker!!
 Here is my dream strawberry shortcake!  If only it was real.  I did have one similar to this, only 1000 times smaller.
 These girls were great!  They were sisters, and danced ( like, dance a jig danced) and played the violin and sang.  I can't remember their name but we're going back next Saturday so I'll find out.

Next we saw a show called the LumberJills.  We thought they would be pretty cool but they are cross cutting I think they called it?

 Then they did a thing where they stood on a big chunk of wood to split it.  They said it only takes them 30 - 45 seconds to do this normally, but Florida wood totally owned them.  One girl just gave up, and this one took probably 10 minutes?
 She gave it her all for sure.

They also did some log rolling and axe throwing.  I did buy a t shirt though, on the back it says "Walk softly and carry a big axe".  It should say "and also a chainsaw, just in case".

Scary ride...
 This one was even scarier!  It's called the Sky Swing, and it goes way up that support thing to the top.  Umm no way!  It was really too high for a carnie ride with really no safety harnesses etc.  I know, I am a total kill joy.

 Speaking of kill joys, due to my totally ridiculous fear of heights, this was the best seat we got for Foreignor.  Boo.  Yes, that is a big high sound stage thing right in front of us.  And right in front of the stage obviously.  I could only make it up 3 of the crazy steep steps.  If I had gone up farther, we would have been over the top of that little building but I just couldn't do it.  They were LOTS of great seats, just none that I didn't have to crawl to on my hands and knees.  Anyway, they had two giant screens to we could really see just fine, and the sound system was really good.

 Yeah, don't bother taking me to concerts that aren't flat to the ground. Someday I will overcome this irrational fear and triumph over steep stadium seating!

When we got home, we shared a 7-7 and that was the drink of the day.  No photo because I gulped it down!  Cheers!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

$1 Cone Wednesday 2.27.2013

Today got off to a slow start. Which is really no different than any other day! Ahh I love to sleep in. Anyway, first chore of the day was to move the rest of the huge tree trunk pieces from the tree John took down last week. There were only 3 or 4 and now it's done.

 After that John grilled some hamburgers for lunch. He made his dinner at the same time - a steak - and put that in the frig for later.

We walked the garbage up to the dumpster and I spotted these flowers by the clubhouse. So pretty!

There was a lot of activity at the air field today. Lots of jumpers and one glider. The sky was so blue today!

We went to the park around 6 for our walk. It's really nice there. Once around is 3/4 of a mile.

 We saw this funny goose I think?

The trail goes wraps around a small lake

We stopped at Twistee Treat afterwards for $1 cones. It's every Wednesday and its always packed. Who can resist a bargain?

We made a quick detour on the way home at Sweetbay for a frozen pizza. I've been wanting a slice of Chicken Wing Pizza and Newman's Own actually makes one!

It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. John had his steak which looked pretty good. I had a Mexican Coke with dinner which may end up being the DOTD because now I'm full! Cheers

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Day (mostly!) at Home 2.26.13

After being so busy the last few days, it was nice to just hang around the RV doing chores. Really, how fun is it to do laundry in this? Since it's a washer/dryer combo, I can only do one load at a time which seems to take longer. And since it's doll house sized, I can do maybe two pairs of jeans and a shirt, max. But it's still better than hauling dirty laundry to the laundromat so there's that.

Yes, that's my Flip Fold tucked behind it.  One of my favorite things for the RV actually.

After the Tornado Watch (!!) expired and the massive downpours stopped, we got cabin fever and went out to do a few errands.  First up - the Post Office which is big but it's always crazy busy.  Then some banking, at Bank of America. I'm really glad we opened up an account with them before we left home.  It's so much easier!  They are EVERYWHERE.

One thing we should have thought ahead on were our prescriptions.  I thought it would be easy to refill them here but it's kind of not.  I refilled one at Walgreens last month and it was a pain.  So this time we went to CVS, because we can just refill them at the one near us at home.  We use Rite Aid at home but there aren't any here.  CVS was much  simpler and now we're set til we got home.

We worked up an appetite, so we headed to Dade City to Kafe Kokapelli.  It's so cute here!  It's very unique.  It used to be an old Ford garage that they converted.  It's all covered with ivy so it's nice and cool.

Doesn't it look tropical?  The last time we were there, it was with my Mom, Patti, and Isaac.  We came here to celebrate Rick and Reesie's happy news last month when we found out they are having a baby.  Yay!

It has all kinds of stuffed animals, but they all died of natural causes such as old age at zoos.  So it's cruelty free!
They were watching me eat.  Creepy!
I had the she-crab bisque, which they are famous for.  Sadly, they have taken the macaroni and cheese off the menu permanently.  Nooo!  But the soup was excellent.

We also split a quesadilla,which was really good.  Doesn't it look like cheese pizza lol?  It was after 4, so it was happy hour which means that the chicken wings are just $5.  John tried them, they were good but not the best he's had.  But the atmosphere is great and it's Patti's favorite restaurant.  We'll be back before we head for home.

Afterwards we stopped at hell on earth Walmart  for a extremely boring but necessary purchase - an iron. The washer/dryer and the Flip Fold do a great job, but still leave a few wrinkles so this is needed just as a touch up.  Then we stopped to see Mom and kitty.  Mom was having Deluxe Happy Hour as it's Darlene's birthday.  Happy Birthday Darlene!  **Picture taken last week at brunch, at the Lake Jovita Country Club

Time for the Drink of the Day!  Fuzzy Navel.  Cheers!