Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday March 8, 2015

Sunday, March 8, 2015
Location - Daytona Beach

Today is our 4th day at the Daytona Beach Regency.  We are here partly for Bike Week, and partly just to enjoy the beach.  Today we are taking a break from anything bike-related and just relaxing.  We slept in a bit (hello Daylight Saving Time!) and then walked down the beach to the Pier and Boardwalk
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There's a Joe's on the pier, but today we ate on the Boardwalk, at King Pizza. We of course had pizza.

It was pretty great.  Lots of cheese and pepperoni, and NY style bendy-crust.

It's warmer today, high of 72, with just a little bit of wind off the water.  After two cold, super windy days, this felt awesome.  Today the food trucks were back on the beach, as were the beach-goers. After lunch we strolled back along the boardwalk to the condo.  We sat out on the balcony for a bit, but the wind is still a bit chilly.  And the motorcycles going by are SO loud.  I realize they are just excited but they don't need to rev it up just waiting for the signal to change.  I loved the condo last year when we were right on the ocean, the ocean is much quieter than the bikes.  Last year we never heard them!  This year we are one unit back, still with an ocean view but there is a service alley between us and the building next door and it acts like a wind tunnel and noise amplifier.  If we come back next year we will definitely ask for a front unit.

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