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Saturday March 7th, 2015

Saturday March 7th, 2015
Location - Daytona Beach
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Another cold and windy day. High in the 50's. But still better than back home.  If it was 50 at home we'd be in shorts.  We walked down to Main Street to catch part of the parade, which we ended up missing anyway as we were inside eating.  We walked all the way down to the Boot Hill Saloon, checking out all the bars and food vendors on the way. Nothing really stood out, so we ended up back at the beginning, at Cruisin Bar and Grill.  We were seated very quickly for as busy as it was.  One of the special drinks was Mud Slide, which is my favorite.  I didn't realize until the bill came that it included the lame souvenir glass, and was $15!  I was NOT happy about that at all, and feel the server might have mentioned that.
I ordered the Reuben, which was just okay.  John had the grilled chicken breast sandwich which he said was also just okay.  But we were really saving up our appetites for dinner.

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We ate next door at the Hilton, where we had eaten last year and really enjoyed it.  Doc Bales Restaurant has a prime rib and seafood buffet on Fridays and Saturdays
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It had tons of seafood, including crab legs.  The salads were fresh and the ranch dressing was one of the best we've ever had.  The prime rib was super tender.  We only had room for a little dessert, but they were delicious. Service was great too!
After dinner we wandered back down to Main Street.  It was packed.  Lots of bars had bands. Everywhere was pretty packed.  And since it was later (10ish)  a lot of people had been partying all day and let's say they were not at their best LOL.   One of the bars had Godsmack, so we listened to them for a bit and then the crowd was too much so we moved on and stumbled on Whitesnake!  Any true 80's music lover will know who they are.  We only caught maybe the last hour and were pretty disappointed we hadn't heard it all but we heard them play our favorites.  This to me was definitely my favorite part of Bike Week.  After they finished, we waited around to hear the next band which was a Kiss cover band.  And they were seriously the worst band I've ever heard.  They just couldn't get it together.  Ouch.  We wandered up and down Main Street a little more and then finally called it a night

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